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Sugar Sugar Everywhere!

WOD 040512

Front Squat:

  • Find a 1 Rep Max

AMRAP in 7 Minutes

  • 7 Toes 2 Bar
  • 14 Burpee Box Jumps
  • 21 Situps

Join us Saturday Morning at 10am for a special Easter themed workout. We have a few of out of town firebreathers dropping in, as well as SouthEast Texas Firebreathing Athletes. For all of your out of town guests and anyone else, bring them along for a FREE into WOD at 11am. We love bringing our level of fitness to the masses!

Don’t forget, we have PurePharma Fish Oil still available. Ask a Coach for details!

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  • Jeff

    185 for the front squat. That was a 30 lbs increase since my last max front squat.
    2 rounds on the AMRAP in 7 min.

  • Sean

    3 rds RX. Not one single rep more. This was a fun WOD!

  • Yuna

    Came in this morning hpinog to hit 165# even just 1x. Got 155# (pr) to the rack & chickened out on jerk. Realized it wasn’t so much the strength as much as comfort + technique. Also some residual mental block from last fall busting lower back on squat cleans too. that is past now.Anyway, today was a ton of fun & its a great, great lift. Even if I don’t win the CrossFit Game this year. Also great job Animal & Levi.

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  • Pearle Sisto

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