Dallas All Cities Open

Dallas All Cities Open


Saturday, December 12, CrossFit Dallas Central will be hosting the All Cities Open. It is a one day competition consiting of 3 events; a max effort Clean & Jerk (scored as a percentage of body weight), a time specific workout (as many rounds as possible in X minutes) , and a task specific workout (finish workout as fast as possible). We won’t know what the last two workouts will consist of until the day of the competition.

The event will be sponsored by Luke’s Locker, Lululemon, Centre, Catalyst Athletics, and Kozy Kitchen. Kozy Kitchen will also be catering the event with some great food. If you’re interested to see some great athletes go head to head this is the place to be. The competition starts at 8:00am and will be finished at 5:00pm.

Chase and Spencer of CFDC

I will be competing along with two other coaches from CFDC, Spencer and Chase. They are both great athletes and excellent coaches. Chase and I competed together at Oktoberfest Obliteration a couple of months ago; which he ended up crushing everyone in the final workout. I can see him doing the same thing this time, however he recently completed his first IronMan race and is still recovering so he may not be 100%. Spencer is a half man half amazing. He will be one of the strongest guys at the competition but is also capable of insanely fast times in Met-Con workouts. As for myself, I’m not as strong as either of these guys but since the Clean and Jerk is scored as a percentage of body weight I will be able to hold my own. As for the last two met-con workouts it just depends on what the workout is. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and I could see anyone of us winning depending on the workout. I’m hoping for body weight movements and no high-rep heavy barbell movements.

Chase, Spencer, myself, and 47 other athletes will be competing for the top spot. The top male and female will win a prize package put together by the event sponsors.

Hope to see everyone there!



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