737518_578623938819354_1746292930_oWOD 2/12/13

Push Press 5-5-5-5-5

Complete 5 tall box jumps after each set


For Time:


Squat Cleans (155/105)

Box Jumps (24/20)

Clapping Push-Ups*


From the bottom of the push-up aggressively push yourself up and clap your hands in mid air before the hands land back on the ground. Scale by doing regular toe or knee push-up.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    Does the title of this one have anything to do with dinner last night?

    I took 13:21 to do this, but I’m just not comfortable with that 20″ box. Have to think about every jump! But I did add a 15# plate to it for skill work. Used 63# for the squat cleans. Perfect for me. Used purple band for push ups except for those last 2. Just did them by the box.
    FYI, I post my times/scores not bragging (unless I get a pr!) but so, hopefully, someone thinking of CF will see that not everyone is a fire breather and we all work alongside each other with no intimidation. If you’re one of those, please don’t think you have to “get in shape” before you start CF.

  • K Doubt

    Skill work – Up to 83# and 28″ box jumps

    WOD @ 11:23 – 105#, 24″, knee p/u

  • Allie

    Skill work – 103#, didn’t go crazy with the box jumps because I’m a little injured with my foot.

    WOD – 7:30, 108# Power cleans, 20″ box, band push-ups

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    man this is my kinda wod! too bad we have this stupid inspection going on! i will never make it in time!

  • Grant

    6:52 Rx. Good work today, Josh!

  • Josh T.

    6:13 rx. You too Grant thanks for the push. Got my first deadhang muscle-up today!

  • Greg

    115# push press. Would have done more but shoulders are still shot from yesterday.

    9:01 (30″ box, regular push ups)

  • Braxton

    Push press up to 165#
    Thx Jesse for pushing me to jump 36″

    10:07 WOD
    1 set @ 155/4 sets @ 135

  • DHall

    105# skill work. 10:some change on Wod at 103# and red band push-ups. Prob should’ve done 108#.

  • Dena

    13:39 RX with 108#
    108 # on skill work
    Needless to say my traps are killing me today!

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