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We’ve been having discussions recently about diet, and what you can do to get the best results from your time at CrossFit Lumberton.  One important part of anyone’s diet should also include a daily supplement of Omega 3’s. As its almost impossible to get the proper amount of Omega 3’s by diet alone, We recommend supplementing with Fish Oil pills. PurePharma is by far the best fish oil supplement on the market today. Each Capsule contains a Minimum of 74% of Omega 3 fatty acids. This far eceeds the amount in most brands of fish oil on the market. Its highly concentrated formula means you only have to take 3 pills per serving. The recommended dosage of fish oil is 2ooomg/day. Where most fish oils require you to take 6-9 pills to reach that amount, PurePharma reaches that dosage in a single serving. Each bottle of PurePharma contains 4o servings (120 capsules). Also, with its lemon flavor, you won’t experience any fishy aftertaste as is common with most brands.

Were now taking sign ups to join a bulk order of PurePharma. Each bottle retails for $35 + Shipping, our cost will be $30, shipping included! if you have any questions, or want to get signed up, let Sean or Clayton know and we’ll get you on the list. Also, you can just comment on this post and we’ll get you squared away.

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  • Johanny Contreras

    Count me in on the fish oil! When will it be in I am almost out of the one I am taking now?

    • November

      we all need to tweak the amounts to best fit our body for pmitoal performance and health. What we do recommend is following the handout that we passed out during the Foundation Class. If you follow the Zone for a prolonged period of time we can talk about tweaking things to see if there is room for improvement. That handout is Crossfit Journal #21. Great question Julianne. Above all just eat clean and balanced.

    • Pilum

      Lady Gaga kept her poker face after she fell on her keister nidurg a weekend herself up and continued her song-and-dance routine to the dance number.

    • Snezana

      Sorry man. Haven’t actually tried these yemslf. They probably give you more of a psychological edge, as in, when the workout is really sucking, you’ll look at your hands and start laughing I’ve heard good things about the Rage grips () but that sounds synonymous with what you’ve got. I go with more of a finger grip and rarely have issues on pull ups (K2E or T2B is a different story). I’m no where near the 100 mark though. Tangent: CrossFit Radio had an interview with one of the Canadian men who’s going to the Games. According to his gymnastics coach a palm grip results in more power than a finger grip (in my mind somewhat akin to a false grip on a muscle up).

    • Chris

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  • Clayton

    Just a few days once we place the order. I’ll keep you updated.

    • Kimutai

      Kick the tires and light the fires, porlebm officially solved!

    • Gregorio

      Lance Meadows Posted on I been telling lmesyf since last night I think I want to go for a jog this evening; its been a while . This post must be a sign that I really do need to throw on my running shoes also and hit the track (especially since I missed National Running Day) tonite. Thanks for the inspiration Leslie!

  • hardyf

    Never taken any before but I’ll give it a try

    • Naser

      Hey guys I’ve been watching some ybutuoe on the Zercher Lift and there are different examples. Can you explain to me the the fundamentals or standards of the lift for this weekends competition? Thanks!

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    • Deena

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  • Izma

    Well,for safety psruopes, the FDA recommends no more than 3 grams of combined EPA and DHA per day. For most brands, 1 serving = 2 capsules 2 servings (4 capsules) being a good maximum amount,saftey wise, but I’s stick with 2 pills per dayGood luck!

  • Love

    and Swaggy from my understanding the Zercher lift is going to be pemrorfed on the Rogue Yoke that sweet piece of equipment that CFV recently purchased .wrap your arms under the bar and from that point its just .lifts things up and put them down ..but i could be totally wrong .

  • lemy

    This is fantastic! What an awmosee way to realize your dream! I hope that you are able to impact many, many, many young girls. They need it; they need you! Wishing you all the best in this amazing endeavor!!!

  • Allan Chisolm

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  • Andreas Schaffer

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