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 In The Daily WOD

             Loving the huge turnouts for the evening classes!!!

WOD 2-28-12



Make the last set a 3 Rep Max Attempt



  • Sit-Ups
  • Double Unders

Don’t forget about our Grand Opening this Saturday starting at 11am. First workout will start at 11 for beginners, then the Advanced level WOD’s will kick off after that. Come visit with fellow CrossFitters from all over the area. Many will being doing the 2nd round workout of the CrossFit Games Open.

T-shirts are available in the office for $20. We still have many sizes available and more are on the way.

Please dont forget to not park past the basketball goal. Our neighbor needs some space too!

Due to these awesome sized classes,  we will start having 2 classes in the evening starting next Monday, March 5th. The times will change to 5:30 and 6:30. Please spread the word.

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  • dave

    I overslept the 6am class 🙁

  • Troy

    275# DL. 15:02 RX

  • Cody van sanders

    405#, 6:25 rx

  • Erin

    DL 165# x3

    Annie 7:39 RX. Last time I tried to RX this was at the CFBC Grand Opening…can’t remember my exact time there but it was somewhere around 10-11 mins.

  • Sean

    Great job Troy and Erin!!!
    5:25 RX, 15 second PR from early January. Also did the WOD from 2-21 with 95# thrusters in 7:57.

  • Clint Martin

    Thanks for letting me workout. 100 pullups = a little DNA on the pullup bar. Can’t wait to be back full time.

  • Clayton Manzer

    12:54 Rx. 415# on the Deadlift. Somewhere around a minute PR. Great turnout today everyone!

  • Cody

    Sean was my time 6:25 or 6:35? I can’t remember…

  • Jeff M

    205 Dead Lift 13:08 with 3x Singles on “Annie”

  • Allison Levitas

    DL 65 Annie: 8:20 3x I was pretty please with my time considering it was my first Annie! Got practice my double unders!

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