SETX Invitational & Open

SETX Invitational & Open


In its inaugural year, the 2014 SETX Invitational & Open Championship will feature the top CrossFit and other fitness competitors in the greater Beaumont, Port Arthur & Orange area.

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Hosted by the existing 8 SETX CrossFit affiliates:

Be Challenged CrossFit
CrossFit Beaumont
CrossFit Bridge City
CrossFit Lumberton
CrossFit Mid-County
CrossFit Overtime
Golden Triangle CrossFit
Ternion CrossFit

This event will bring a new level of awareness, excitement, and competitive fitness to residents of Southeast Texas.

CrossFit and other functional fitness training programs are making their way into the lives of everyday people all over the world! No longer is this type of high level training only available to military personnel, martial artists, professional sports teams, and other top athletes. Now, the best form of exercise for everyone in the world is becoming a staple in the lives of soccer moms, hard-working dads, grandma’s & grandpa’s…people you would least expect to pick up a barbell or run with a sandbag over their shoulder.

On Saturday, April 26th at Ford Exhibit Hall IT’S GOING DOWN IN SOUTHEAST TEXAS! We will have 2 overlapping competitions. The “Invitational” portion of the competition will feature the top 30 Male and Female athletes in the SETX area as ranked by the 2014 CrossFit Open results. The top 2 male and female competitors from each hosting CrossFit affiliate will receive a special invite to compete, and the remaining 28 spots will be filled by the highest ranking males and females after week 5 of the CrossFit Open competition. If anyone in the top 30 is unavailable to compete on April 26th, the next highest ranked individual will move up to claim the spot. If an Invitational qualifier decides to compete in the Open portion of the competition on a team, the same back fill strategy will determine who gets the spot.

The SETX “Open Championship” registration will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. We will have following registration groups available:

30 Standard Male
30 Standard Female
15 Masters Male (40+)
15 Masters Female (40+)
15 teams (4 person)

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