In The Daily WOD


WOD 3-10-14

Deficit Deadlifts: 10-8-6-4-2
Increase loading between each set.

AMRAP in 10:
• 1 Turkish Get-up (55/35)
• 2 Goblet Squats
• 3 KB Snatches
• 4 KB C&J (2Rt, 2Lt)
• 5 One-arm KB Swings
Do odd # reps on right side in 1st round, on left in 2nd round, and keep alternating until time is up.

Friday Night Lights is at CrossFit Bridge City this week. There will be NO 6:30 class at CFL this Friday.

If you have not filled out an athlete survey in the office yet, please do so ASAP. Fill out BOTH sides!

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