In The Daily WOD

WOD 5-21-14

Accumulate 3 mins in the bottom of a squat.

“Combine Day”
Everyone must do a 500m row time trial, then choose at least 4 of the following:
• Broad Jump
• Max T2B
• Max DUs (unbroken)
• Max KB Swings (70/55)
• Max Thrusters (95/65)
• Max Back Squat (225/155)
• Rope Climbs in 5 mins (girls to knot, guys to beam)
• Max Pullups or Muscle-Ups
• Max HSPU

Row may be done at any time, but must be done.

Save the date: June 6th is Family Day at CFL! We will be forgoing our 6:30pm class in order to have a Paleo Potluck and a big screen movie! We will have a big screen set up with a kid friendly movie playing, a grill going outside, and tables set up with whatever dish you bring. Bring the kids and anyone else that might want to come!


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