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WOD 130311

4 x 1 Snatch Balance + 4 Overhead Squats, heaviest possible

Notes: You will do 1 Snatch Balance followed by 4 Overhead Squats without dropping the bar. These should be performed as heavy as possible

AMRAP in 15:
5 Pull Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
15 Wall Balls (20/14)

So you’ve gotten your first taste of the WODs the open will provide? Sound off in the comments with your opinions.  Did you do as well as you hoped? Better? How could you have done better? Team CrossFit Lumberton is doing quite well in the standings. Remember, this is week 1. We have 4 weeks to go. Keep your nutrition in check and were going to continue to train you to be at you optimal level.

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  • Katie

    75# sb + OHS
    6 rounds + 3 pull-ups RX

  • Chelsey Wigginton

    80# Snatch Balance + OHS

    7 rounds + 5 pullups rx’d!!

  • Chelsey Wigginton

    Oh and as far as the 13.1 went, I was hoping I would do a little better. I was shooting for 150 or 151 reps and was really hoping to try the 100# snatch. I felt I rested to much on the second set of snatches. I should have kept pushing myself instead of taking so many breathers…

  • Lisa H

    Only 40# for Snatch Bal/ OHS due to shoulder being super sore from Friday.

    7 rounds/red band, 25# KB, 10#/6# WB.

    Glad I did the 13.1 at Beaumont as it opened my eyes to the CF Community (which Rocks). I did as good as I thought I would (actually a little better), but realized I need to spend more time on snatches. Awesome experience!

  • Tara

    73# SB + 4 OHS
    6 Rds Rx

  • Katie Tucker

    73# SB + 4 OHS
    6rds + 5 pull ups (blue band)

  • J Ru

    95# SB + 4 OHS
    7rds (45# & 14#)

    13.1 = 111 reps (that’s about what I was hoping to do, but think I could have pushed myself to get to 120)

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