Why I Love CrossFit: Part 3 – IT’S FUN!

Why I Love CrossFit: Part 3 – IT’S FUN!

Linda of CFDC - About to dominate the guys in a local competion
Linda of CFDC - Dominating the guys in a local competition

If you’re anything like most gym goers you have a set routine; back, biceps, and legs one day followed by chest, triceps and shoulders the next; followed by 20 minutes of “cardio”. Your workout may not look exactly like this but chances are its similar. I was doing the above protocol for years so I know first hand how boring and redundant it can get. This type of regimen is boring. People begin to dread going to the gym to do exact same movements they did 2 days ago. Not to mention the plateau’s you hit because there is no variation of what you’re doing.

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, executed at a high intensity. Let’s break this down.

It’s constantly varied which means you will always be doing something different. There are some workouts that you will do once every 3-4 months and others that you may never do again in your life. You won’t be using machines, but you will be using sledgehammers, tires, ropes, Kettlebells, plyo boxes, PVC pipes, dumbbells, sleds, sandbags, rings, and good old fashion barbells. All these elements allow for constant variation so workouts will always be interesting and you’ll never get bored doing the same movements.

It’s functional movements which means that CrossFit develops foundational fitness that is beneficial to athletic needs. You may not think yourself as an athlete but if you want to be fit and healthy then you will also become athletic. This program will develop body control and will help translate to real world applications. When was the last time you did the “Pec Deck” movement in the real world? How about a bicep curl or a lateral pull down? Those movements just aren’t functional. CrossFit movements are.

It’s executed at high intensity which means that you don’t have to workout for long periods of time. Most globo gym patrons workout for about an hour and then hit 30 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill. Our workouts usually last about 10-15 minutes (although classes are 45-60 minutes due to warm ups, skill work, and cool downs) but I can guarantee you will get a workout like you’ve never had before; cardio included. Since you are working at a high intensity you’re keeping your heart rate elevated and you will actually get the aerobic response that you were looking for on that elliptical machine. This leaves us time for what really matters in life; things like family, friends, or updating your blog!

Once you get into a CrossFit box and are going through the workout with everyone, music blaring, coaches encouraging you to the finish you will be wishing you had started a year ago. The anticipation right before you hear the words “3-2-1-GO!” won’t be found in 24-Hour Fitness or Gold’s gym. If you have a gym that you actually want to go to you’ll see better results since you’ll be more willing to stick with the program.



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