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WOD 5/22/12

Back Squat:

2X5 @ 65

3X5 @ 70% rest 2 min. between each set.

4 rounds for total time of:

Run 200m
10 Inverted Burpees
10 Thrusters 115/75#

Rest 2 minutes.

Notes: There is a 25 minute total cap.

For Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 we will have a limited schedule and only have the 11:30am and 6pm class.


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  • Garret

    I forgot what an inverted burpee was. . . can anyone help me out?

  • Jj

    One of my favorites …. Start on your back. Go to feet. Then into handstand and then end on your back again for one rep

  • Garret

    Thanks JJ. Yeah, I looked it up on google and watched a video. I’ve never done them before, but I remember hearing about them.

  • Neal

    265X5 on the last couple sets of back squats

    18:37 @ 135 Had fun with the noon crew!

  • Clint

    % of 250 on back squats. 19:44 on the WOD @ 105#. Subbed 10 hollow rocks + 10 handstands for the inverted burpees.

  • Erica

    Can’t ever remember numbers for back squat, but 17:42 RX. I loved this workout! Inverted burpees are so fun

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    yeah this wod got me. 23:22 rx. mowed the lawn then ran a mile before working out so probably spent a little too much energy. all of these back squats had me feeling a little spaghetti legged during those thrusters. it was fun though…HOT AS HELL TOO.

  • Jaywes23

    225 # for bs
    19:44 RX
    That is a crazy statement Erica

  • Matthew V

    Think I should have tried #95, #75 wasnt really challenging enough.

    15:53 #75

  • Dena

    18:40 RX on WOD
    Used 165# on last 3 sets of squats.

  • Erica

    Haha I know it seems crazy but compared to everything else I love them

  • Scott

    Back squats at % of 260 lbs. 18:16 WOD. I’m horrible at reverse burpees – takes me too long to transition between each. 10 days off of Crossfit due to work travel. Kept the thrusters light at 85 lbs. today since too much time since last CFB workout. Glad I”m getting back into the routine.

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